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Anbel IV is a recurring human character in the lore of the Cyber Troopers Virtual-On series. He is most known for instigating the events of Operation Moongate.

He is the overseer of the 4th Plant "TSC Drammen", as well as the commander of the Force



Difuse Alfred de Anbel IV is the fourteenth head of the prestigious Anbel family, as well as the DN Corp.'s wealthiest and most powerful stockholder. In V.C.0091, Anbel participated in the first V-Project as a consultant, making recommendations for the project. However, he was also known to intervene in the market through aggressive means from time to time. His authority was second to that of the company's highest Chief Executives, and he was entrusted with the nine Plants, which drew their power from the V-Crystals of the Moongate. On December 31st, V.C.009f, the DN Corp. tendered his resignation. 


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Anbel IV (named "Anber IV" in the English localization of MARZ) is mentioned a few times in the game's Dramatic Mode.


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Rose Sisters[]

Anbel IV is the only person that the three elite pilots answer to, despite working for RNA, treating him with utmost respect, especially Sylvie Fang, who referred to him in MARZ as Lord Anbel. It is implied in the Counterpoint 009A drama CD, where he was voiced by Ryutaro Okiayu, that he has a secretive and highly intimate relationship with Sylvie Fang, most particularly in part of a scene in the second-to-last track where the sounds of clothes rustling and a zipper being undone are heard.


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