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 Angelan (codename SGV-417-I) is a controllable Virtuaroid in VOOT. While she has very weak armor, she has extremely high V. Armor. She attacks primarily by summoning floating ice pillars (which cut through most obstacles) and summoning "ice dragons" which move to attack the enemy autonomously. These traits make her very effective at long- to very long-range.


Back in the days of Virtual On: Operation Moongate, a wealthy and talented child genius created the Fei-Yen Virtuaroid, as a contract from D.N. Corporation to subdue and contain the rogue first-generation Virtuaroid element known as Jaguarandi. While that operation went up in flames before it even started, the Fei-Yen model caught enough interest to be replicated as a frontline unit.

With the internal strife ripping D.N. Corps apart, R.N.A. subsequently claiming the Fei-Yen series of Virtuaroids as a member of their line-up and the sudden apperance of Ajim, D.N.A. once again contacted the child genius, L'Ln Plajiner, to create a vessel Virtuaroid in order to capture Ajim and study it, in order to gain an edge against R.N.A. While that operation was a failure as well, the Angelan has also garnered interest as a combat-use unit. Exceling in ranged combat, it is by no means slow and clunky, whether it be bombarding from afar or dancing the whirlwind that is melee combat. Pilots who scoff at videos of the Angelan's post-match "polite-lady" act would do well to rewatch the contents before it, all the better to familarize themselves with the result of the Angelan's incredible rate and power of projectile output and graceful dodging of enemy attacks. Like the Fei-Yen, it might not be able to take hits, but it can most certainly give it back thrice over.