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Bal-Bados (codename XBV-819-TR4) is a controllable Virtuaroid in VOOT. He is the most unorthodox VR in the game, able to deploy his arms and legs, mobile weapons designated as the Ejectable Remote Limb System, or E.R.L.S.s, and station them around the arena, flooding the level with ring-shaped projectiles and floating mines while he is free to move elsewhere. Because of his unusual style of play when compared to other VRs, he is not recommended for beginners.

Bal-Baros and Bal-Keros are different versions of Bal-Bados that become playable in the underwater stage Undersea Plant and the zero-gravity battle against the Tangram respectively. While there are some minor differences between the three, they mostly play the same and thus will be treated as one VR for the purposes of this article.


The master template found in the Moongate back in Virtual On: Operation Moongate was first converted into the Bal-Bas-Bow, the prototype and grandfather unit for all Virtuaroids and a highly unique unit that was famous not only for its high failure rate as a frontline unit, but also its potential as an incredibly powerful anti-Virtuaroid unit that in the hands of the right pilot could quickly decimate even a skilled enemy.

The D.N.A. Bal-Bados is the continuation of the Bal-series line of Virtuaroids. Prospective users put off by flimsy control issues that were present in the Bal-Bas-Bow are actually missing out on a lot; while the Bal-Bados is nowhere near as fast as a Temjin, the numerous tricks, ambushes, delayed attacks and counters a skilled Bal- player can dole out is enough to make most pilots think twice about challenging a Bal-series without a plan in mind. To add to that, the floating mines carried by the Bal-series have branched off into different variants, each suited to a specific situation. Even the number of remote weapons on a Bal-unit has increased, allowing for more powerful and intricate attacks that would surely leave an unprepared opponent screaming in frustration.


The primary purpose behind the Bal-series is the necessity of strategy and trapping an opponent by dispersing the E.R.L.S.s around the battlefield. By itself, the Bal-series' weapons are noticeably underpowered, and do little to cause serious damage, thus forcing the aforementioned strategical appoach. The player is advised to familiarize themselves with every possible combination of E.R.L.S. setup, as nearly every single button combination activates a different offensive attack.

Due to the nature of the E.R.L.S., the Bal-series can be left with no close combat weapons should the usable limb be deployed at the time. Most close combat attacks only utilize the arm mounted E.R.L.S.s, although a select number attacks include the thigh-mounted units as well, although it is more highly advised to eject the thigh-mounted units where possible to retain the use of the primary arm-mounted E.R.L.S.s.