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JustAlex93 JustAlex93 9 December 2018

Addit'l Info

This details info not covered in the Info Dump.

  • 1 Read Below!
    • 1.1 Virtual Calendar
    • 1.2 Overload
    • 1.3 Plant
    • 1.4 Creatures and Machines
    • 1.5 Medieval Stagnation
    • 1.6 DN Corp.
    • 1.7 Shape and Measurements of the Crystal
    • 1.8 Note about the Crystal's consciousness absorption
    • 1.9 Side Note to "And yet it is very frightening..."
    • 1.10 Side Notes to Virtual-On

The Virtual Calendar (V.C.) is expressed in hexadecimal notation. Thus, for example, in the case of Virtual Calendar Year 84 (V.C.84), if converted to the normal decimal number of years, it would be 132 years.

In the privileged class of "Overload", there seems to be some existence which exceeds human category. For example, a pseudo-personality that a company has created as an image may be used as an interface for public r…

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JustAlex93 JustAlex93 3 December 2018

Info Dump

This is an info dump.

  • 1 SDK/04 Shadow 04
    • 1.1 Special Organization founded at 0 Plant
    • 1.2 SDK/04 Shadow Four
  • 2 Details about 0 Plant
    • 2.1 0 Plant Established
    • 2.2 V.C.0087
    • 2.3 Gate to Different Space "Moongate"
    • 2.4 Establishment of 0 Plant - Moongate analysis investigation
    • 2.5 Bal, Bas, Bow...
    • 2.6 People excited of the BBB unit's discovery
    • 2.7 V-Project failures and changes
    • 2.8 Activating the project
    • 2.9 V-Converter
    • 2.10 And M.S.B.S.
    • 2.11 V. BBB unit start-up experiment
      • 2.11.1 The first start-up experiment
    • 2.12 Discovery of the Reverse-Conversion phenomenon
      • 2.12.1 0 Plant to downsize
      • 2.12.2 Reverse-Convert
    • 2.13 M.S.B.S. ver.2 series development
    • 2.14 XMU project revisited
  • 3 Info about the Virtual Century
    • 3.1 A society with a virtual history
    • 3.2 People's living space
    • 3.3 The birth of a corpora…

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JustAlex93 JustAlex93 10 July 2017

Descriptions for the TF-14 Fei-Yen series

This blog post lists the descriptions for the TF-14 Fei-Yen series. Disclaimer: The guys who made Force came up with them, NOT ME! Please note, that these were made for the TF-14 A, B, and C models. Unfortunately, the TF-14 M model did not receive one.

  • 1 Listings
    • 1.1 TF-14 A Fei-Yen w/ VividHeart
    • 1.2 TF-14 B Fei-Yen w/ BlueHeart
    • 1.3 TF-14 C Fei-Yen w/ PanicHeart
    • 1.4 TF-14 M Fei-Yen w/ CinderellaHeart

Egoist is fever Mars!

The great land of Mars is desolate and wild

And here comes, the legendary Vivid Girl!!

The nice color of my taste is brought out!

Fully equipped with total taste,

Randomly the parenthesis is being cut!

Coz whenever I bask within the spotlight,

My body feels the sense of existence without the hamper!

Coz it seems you haven't seen much real gir…

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JustAlex93 JustAlex93 9 July 2017

Introductory Poems of the TA-17 Angelan series

This blog post showcases the introductory poems of the TA-17 Angelan series of VRs designed by, who else, L'ln Plajiner. PLEASE NOTE, that I DID NOT, write the poems, but the guys who worked on Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Force did. It is possible that L'ln wrote these poems within the lore of the game.

  • 1 Listings
    • 1.1 TA-17 L Angelan MH ~Loving Angel~
    • 1.2 TA-17 S Angelan WH ~Healing Angel~
    • 1.3 TA-17 H Angelan SH ~Soothing Angel~

Fighting and killing each other

Is such a barren waste of effort

There is nothing one can get but sorrow

The foolish act is repeated

And one's soul could be strayed

Choosing the affectionate road

You have such kindliness in you

For that matter I am flattered

One learnt once upon a time

Watching over at the field of battle

While in a de…

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JustAlex93 JustAlex93 29 June 2016

OC Profile Collection

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the Cyber Troopers Virtual-On franchise, as it belongs to Sega and Hitmaker. Also, these OCs are made under the Fair Use Act.

  • 1 Acheron Squadron
    • 1.1 Alex Acheron
    • 1.2 Matsu Hojoin
    • 1.3 Angel
    • 1.4 Brick
    • 1.5 Tashy Miller
    • 1.6 Vaclav
    • 1.7 Basil
  • 2 MARZ
    • 2.1 Zeta-5

The Acheron Squadron is an independent group of VR pilots-for-hire, lead by Alex Acheron. Though for the most part, they are mercenaries, but they maintain a code of ethics and a code of honor, and will turn down any job that goes against those policies. They maintain their base of operations in a former pre-V.C. offshore oil rig on the Earth extensively converted for their use. This base is named "Acheron Island". Their customized VRs are also equipped with Fixed Location R…

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JustAlex93 JustAlex93 15 June 2016

Fanfiction Idea: Virtual-On X Zoids

Okay, so I had this crossover idea for quite a long time now, even before I started up this wikia. To be honest, I'm not sure how exactly to go about this one when I write a potential fanfic for this idea. So many things to consider. Plus, I'll have to come up with a good OC or two and do it without god-modding or making the OC as flat and boring as a pancake, and then pick the setting for the Zoids portion of the crossover; New Century, Battle Story, Fuzors?

It's a tough call among others. So, if I am to write a possible Virtual-On/Zoids crossover, I'll have to get the think tank into overdrive and pick the Zoids era that I think would fit best, and to be honest, I'm leaning more towards New Century. Then, for the Virtual-On side of things…

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