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Virtuaroids are the main characters of the Virtual On series. They are essentially humanoid mechas armed with a specific set of weaponry based on their designation.

Here is a list of general designations of Virtuaroids.

  • MBV (Main Battle Virtuaroids): Designed for general combat circumstances, they are the jacks of all trade and masters of none. Possess a well-rounded set of abilities.
    • Notable examples include the Temjin and Apharmd
  • HBV (Heavy Battle Virtuaroids): Made to last for extreme combat scenarios, these are heavily armed to the teeth and carry a correspondingly heavy armour set as compared to MBVs, at the cost of sluggish speed.
    • Notable examples include the Dorkas, STEIN-VOK/GRYS-VOK
  • XBV (Experimental Battle Virtuaroids): These are, as their name suggests, in an experimental phase of development. Both their weaponry arsenal and their mobility feature unconventional methods that few other machines also utilise.
    • Notable examples include the Bal series units.
  • SRV (Special Reconnaissance Virtuaroids): Made specifically for breakneck speed, these machines are deceptively weak until they enter a phenomenon of 'Hyper Mode', at which point they become 'enraged' (or at least, a machinery equivalent of the state of human rage). Their armour value will skyrocket, their attack power multiplies and their agility similarly increases to inexplicable levels.
    • Notable examples include the Fei-Yen and its counterparts
  • TRV (Tactical Reconnaissance Virtuaroids): The TRV series is somewhat similar to the SRV robots. They were designed for spying out on enemy positions, and therefore cannot endure a true combat circumstance unless the pilot was particularly daring, foolhardy and/or an expert with such machines. They sacrifice armour for extreme mobility and ground speed.
    • Notable examples include the Viper II/Cypher and its counterparts.
  • SAV (Support Attack Virtuaroids): The SAV machines were made to execute extreme-distance assaults against enemy emplacements. Their weaponry ranges from homing missiles/rockets to bombs. As a downside, they carry little armour to complement their heavy arsenal and are rather easy to knock over in close-quarters combat.
    • Notable examples include the Belgdor.

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