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The LBV-314 DK/dc (pronounced "dick-dick") is a Virtuaroid featured in the Dengeki Hobby magazine doujin, Cyber Troopers Virtual-On: Fragmentary Passage. It appeared in part 3 of the third chapter, Wild Launcher V.C.a5, used by the Bloody Hound Corps. for patrol and search operations.

General Overview[]

The DK/dc is a Light Battle Virtuaroid, developed at the 3rd Plant "Mooney Valley", as a lightweight and inexpensive combat unit that is easy to use with good mobility. It is based on the Vok U.S.S. framework, with minimal modifications to serve the aforementioned low price and ease-of-use benefits. However, because it is a lightweight VR, it would not last long against more heavily-armed machines. Along with that, the DK/dc doesn't come equipped with an extra attack unit like with the Grys-Vok, Stein-Vok and GMZ-Vok models. It is only armed with a machine gun weapon. Because of its mobility, the DK/dc proved suitable for roles that are not so combat-intensive, such as armed reconnaissance, patrol duty and search operations.

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