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A Limited War is an element in the lore of the Cyber Troopers Virtual-On series. It is a form of commercialized conflict that is prevalent in the Virtual Century, and is refereed by the International War Company.

Soldiers who participate in Limited Wars are mercenaries, and while they are are usually looked down upon as hired dogs, veterans gain access to higher benefits and a generous cash pension.


Although conventional warfare was abandoned, humanity's desire for conflict is deep-rooted. From there, the concept of the "Limited War", a conflict of co-existance, was proposed. This was applied into a system and incorporated it into society. In that way, conflict could be established without political, economical, and cultural breakdown. Before long, a variety of functions were applied to the Limited War concept, such as economic revitalization, political propaganda performance, cultural stimulus, and the decision of one's fate. It was all left to chance.

A Limited War is still considered as a derivative of war, and it also has its own function. The combat situation was reported in detail and in real time through all forms of media, and the parties involved actively aggressively used it as publicity material to gain dominance. Excessive information rendering resulted in the need in "showing the battle situation" itself, gradually becoming established as a business.

In general, a very high level of balance was demanded of any weapon that is required under the Limited Wars. And the elements that constitute this balance were extremely diverse. Especially since at the time, the Limited Wars had already formed a certain share as a visual entertainment business, in addition to factors such as high combat efficiency as a weapon, cost, maintainability, etc. The visual effect of the combat needed to be combined with the maximization of performance ability. However, the Limited Wars' aspect as a show business has brought numerous, mysterious regulatory items. Meanwhile, fierce combative content is required, and combat by human beings is recommended. However, excessive brutality with outright bloodshed was denied as a violation of the general code of ethics of the image information.

In the case of conflict with this rating, age restrictions based on the provisions concerning disclosure were established. For this reason, the market share has been limited.

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