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A Plant, in the lore of the Cyber Troopers Virtual-On games, refers to any of the Hyper Contents Provider-run production facilities where Virtuaroids are developed and manufactured.


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List of Plants[]

  • 0 Plant (defunct)
  • 1st Plant "Dancing Under" (DU-01)
  • 2nd Plant "Transvaal" (TV-02)
  • 3rd Plant "Mooney Valley" (MV-03) (Re-named Adax since V.C.a6)
  • 4th Plant "TSC Drammen" (TSC)
  • 5th Plant "Deadly Dudley" (DD-05) (Abandoned since V.C.a3)
  • 6th Plant "Satchel Mouth" (SM-06)
  • 7th Plant "Reference Point" (RP-07)
  • 8th Plant "Flesh Refoe" (FR-08)
  • 9th Plant "Tangram"


  • It is unknown why Deadly Dudley was abandoned, although it may have been attributed to the high cost and low-production ability of its flagship model, the Raiden series, which incorporated high-powered laser irradiators mounted in the shoulders.
  • Adax was the only Plant to have had a name-change, as well as the only known Plant to have absorbed the Virtuaroid product line of another Plant after resuming production of the Raiden series.