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The RVR-12 Apharmd the Commander (Apharmd C for short) is a playable 2nd generation VR featured exclusively in the M.S.B.S. ver.5.66 version of Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram.

It had also appeared in Cyber Troopers Virtual-On: One Man Rescue.


Super Strengthened Leadership Type Fuselage[]

The Apharmd A type has been active for a long time in all theaters and battlefields as the main VR of RNA. Meanwhile, various derived models based on the A type machine, creating a group of variations known as the so-called "Apharmd series".

This machine, the C type, was developed specifically as a command type VR with the specialization of various equipment given, such as an enhancement of the OS. The most notable feature is the real sword armament, the TDFT-4/4c Terminus Machete, which is equipped on the left arm and boasts a tremendous attack power during melee combat.

At the time of V.C.a2, it was equipped with a submachine gun type weapon, the Dakias Gun System, as the shooting equipment. However, in the era of the Oratorio Tangram limited war (V.C.a4), the beam shotgun, the Gun Launcher, appears to have become the standard equipment.


Out of all the playable Apharmd variations, the C type is the most balanced in terms of CC ability and ranged firepower. With the beam shotgun and machete, it is almost a perfect emulation of the original MBV-09 Apharmd from the first game.


One Man Rescue[]


  • The RVR-15 Apharmd CC, a variation of the Apharmd C, is equipped with two Terminus Machetes, one on each arm. A prototype of this model would appear in Fragmentary Passage as a Shadow VR.
  • Like the Stein-Vok and the 10/80SP, the Apharmd C is a new Virtuaroid introduced in M.S.B.S. 5.66, though gameplay-wise it is largely recycled from the existing playable Virtuaroids. The Apharmd C is a combination of the Apharmd S and B models, using the S model's Knife as a basis for its Machete, while using a somewhat weakened version of the Apharmd B's close combat and overall movement parameters. The CW attacks are borrowed from the Temjin (with the exception of the RTCW) using energy blade attacks.

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