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The RVR-15 Apharmd the Chief Commander (Apharmd CC for short) is a non-playable 2nd generation Virtuaroid.


Ultra Enhanced Commanding Fuselage[]

Initially, RNA's VR made its remarkable fuselage performance, and boasted overwhelming strength in a series of limited wars. However, as DNA rebounds its fighting strength by leverage of the Eighth Plant "Flesh Refoe" (FR-08) with abundant resources, it will gradually be forced to struggle. In doing so, the difference between the men's balance of fighting strength was obvious, so the best way to deal with RNA was to try and improve the combative capacity of limited machines.

The RVR-15 is an upper-compatible fuselage of the RVR-12 Apharmd C. The most distinctive feature on the armaments of this machine is the Terminus Machete, which the RVR-12 has mounted on a single arm, equipped on both of its arms. In addition, as a successor to the commander machine RVR-12, further strengthening of its information processing capability, etc., is being planned. As a result, various formation attacks by combat squadrons that have been commercialized since V.C.a3 have come to function more efficiently. It is after V.C.a5 that the RVR-15 will become frequently witnessed on the battlefield. The GBH that appeared in the episode "Fragmentary Passage", which took place in V.C.a3, would have probably been based on the prototype before the model was formally adopted.


  • Presumably, an RVR-15 that isn't corrupted by the Shadow (as in the GBH), would have the same kind of color schemes as the other models in the Apharmd series.

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