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The RVR-64 i-Dorkas is a non-playable 1st generation Virtuaroid featured in the Hobby Japan doujin, Cyber Troopers Virtual-On: One Man Rescue.


RNA, when renovating their Dorkas VRs, saw some potential in its ability to use different armor structures, therefore adapting to different situations. From there, they developed the i-Dorkas, which was used for underground excavation work. It is equipped with a Shovel Claw-Arm for that very purpose. It also has a redesigned Claw Manipulator with a shorter right arm, improving its effectiveness at close-quarters combat against opposing VRs, along with enhanced armor. It was formally adopted in V.C.a2 with manufacturing taking place at the 2nd Plant "Transvaal". Built on the concept of "fisticuffs in heavy armor", it would inspire the development of the RVR-68 Dordray.

Development History[]

Stepping Stone to the Ultra-Heavy Armored VR[]

On-site repair type VR developed by RNA based on the 1st generation Heavy Battle VR of DNA, the HBV-10 Dorkas.

The strengthening of the armor is remarkable, and the standard armament, which the fuselage has at the 10/80 level, cannot deal effective damage, even at close range.

The armaments of both arms are specifications which can be changed according to the situation and the strategy made for it.

When looking at the left arm part, instead of the wireless H.L.S., which was also characteristic of the former Dorkas, it is equipped with a Shovel Claw-Arm that takes into account the convenience for underground excavation. In addition, the right arm part is cut short, and tries to improve the close combat capability of the Claw Manipulator accordingly.

This symbolizes that the characteristics of the fuselage are hand-oriented, and the development that succeeded evolving the change of this usage concept is the later RVR-68 Dordray.

The Dorkas was originally a VR on the DNA side. It is unclear what route RNA took to obtain this model at the time of V.C.a2.

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