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The RVR-68 Dordray is a playable 2nd generation VR featured in Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram.

It is the successor to the original HBV-10-B Dorkas from the original game.


RVR-68 Super Heavy Armored Assault Fuselage "Dordray"[]

After the appearance of the HBV-502 Raiden formally adopted by DNA, the RNA side became worried about the improvement of the fighting ability of DNA's VRs, and made a request to the 2nd Plant "Transvaal" (TV-02) to develop a heavy combat VR.

Despite the rapid pace of the VR's development, the degree of completion is high. Noteworthy is its heavy armor, coupled with the effect of V-Armor, which is formed by a powerful V-Converter, achieves tremendous ballistic resilience. By taking advantage of its characteristics, it was useful for base pressure in every theater of combat.

This machine has been decorated as a VR of the RNA side in the final round of "Operation Cyclic Harpoon", a Limited War which broke out in V.C.a3 over the operational rights of the 5th Plant "Deadly Dudley" (DD-05).

At this time, the unique armament, which can be called an anomaly in a certain way, demonstrates a great effect in local battle within the plant with plenty of intricate terrain, tried and broke DNA's fighting lines at various areas, and demonstrated the height of its capabilities. In addition, the heavy armor not only endured the attack of the SAV-326-A Grys-Vok, which was a new DNA side model at the time, but also withstand a direct hit from the lasers of the HBV-502 Raiden. This pushed the DNA soldiers down into the depths of terror.

Cyber Troopers Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram[]

Version Differences[]


As Dordray[]

  • Dordray may be one of the slowest VRs in the game and with average armor, but it has a lower center of gravity, making it harder to knock down. Along with that, it also has the thickest V-Armor out of any of the playable VRs in the game.
  • Dordray's long range attacks are potent, some of which can even bypass obstacles.
  • When playing Single Player with this VR against Angelan, use the V Hurricane to weaken her V-Armor and follow up with the Drill.
  • Dordray, despite its low mobility, has a very quick turning radius, so be mindful!

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Against Dordray[]

  • Because of his weight, one critical weakness of Dordray is CC attacks from lighter and faster VRs. If you can quickly get in close enough to him, use a CC attack to drag him down.
  • His thick V-Armor makes it impossible to damage him with weaker shots, but stripping away at his V-Armor can and will help.