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The Three Sisters of the Rose, or the Rose Sisters for short, is an elite variable three-person VR squadron in RNA.


By V.C.a3, Sylvie Fang was a pilot in RNA's forces under the rank of Captain. Boarding the RVR-44/2000 Cypher-2000 "FairBianca", she leads a variable, three-man VR squadron consisting of herself, Flight Lieutenant Jennifer Poison in her RVR-40/540 TGA TGA-Viper "Charlotte", and Flight Lieutenant Deborah Bite in her RVR-40/540 TGS TGS-Viper "Evelyn". They dominated the battlefield with overwhelming maneuverability and maintaining a courageous name.

Due to their unrelenting combat abilities on the battlefield, the three pilots were called the "Three Sisters of the Rose". Ironically, the latter would be established as a name within RNA before long. Of course, there was no one foolish to risk their mouths before their faces.

Originally, the "Rose Sisters formation" was organized by Difuse Alfred de Anbel IV for the purpose of investigating Ajim, but this fact was not reported to Sylvie, who acted as the flight leader, nor did he inform her that he had returned.

Although that their affiliation is with RNA, they receive their orders directly from Anbel himself.

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Cyber Troopers Virtual-On MARZ[]

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VRs used[]

1st/2nd Gen[]

3rd Gen[]

  • YZR-8004 Δ/R FB Myzr type R ΔIV "FairBianca"
  • YZR-8001 Δ EV Myzr ΔI "Evelyn"
  • YZR-8001 Δ CL Myzr ΔI "Charlotte"