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The SDK/04 Shadow 04, also known as Temjin the Shadow, is a non-playable 1st generation Virtuaroid featured in Cyber Troopers Virtual-On: One Man Rescue.

It is a special, highly-tuned variant of the MBV-04 Temjin used by the mysterious "Shadow" organization that had existed since before 0 Plant's dismantlement.


After the dismantling of 0 Plant, a VR unit which is hidden in the basement without its existence or purpose being made clear, yet it maintains a mighty power. All affiliated machines are painted in black and still have a "Shadow" emblem, which is unlikely to touch the general public.

When you see that figure, death surely comes to people.

Special Organization founded at 0 Plant[]

In fact, it may be okay for anyone to know what kind of operation a series of fuselages belonging to an organization called "Shadow" is operating.

From the latter half of the V.C.90s, the details of their existence have been whispered in a veil of secrecy, and their full extent has not yet been revealed up to the present time (the early part of V.C.a2). However, by splicing together pieces of fragmented information collected so far, it is possible to create a vague image of them.

Shadow's original purpose was said to centrally manage talented personnel with high symmetric accuracy with V-Crystals that have a high "Virtual-On Positive value", and the VR operation unit which had previously been reporting to 0 Plant's placenta.

The chief researcher at the time of establishment was Dr. Plajiner, whose numerous accomplishments had cast various ripples in posterity through this research activity there.

Even after 0 Plant was dismantled and left forgotten, only the Shadow remains in the basement, surviving and maintaining a strange influence. In particular, it is clear that the enumeration of black VR called "Shadows", is not very well known, but it is obvious that they are continuing their activities according to some witnesses.

SDK/04 Shadow Four[]

"Shadow" VR models are not limited. "Shadow Four" (四之影 Shi-no-Kage) is a fuselage based on the MBV-04 Temjin, but that is not the case, for example, whether "Shadow One" (壱之影 Ichi-no-Kage) is of the same Temjin specifications.

In addition, for the type that is completely different than the fuselage it was based on, there is a difference in performance. In V.C.a2 at T.A.I., Sgt. Dash Pronger's custom Raiden, even though with remote control, defeated eight 2nd generation Apharmd series VRs, even if the body of the DNA side fuselage could not match them in performance. Moreover, that was only a matter of tens of seconds.

Each fuselage is given the best tuning for its dedicated pilot, and in particular, the V-Converter is custom-made with plenty of good V-Crystal quality.

The "Shadow" fuselage can demonstrate its ability only with its dedicated pilot. Especially, when distinguishing the case when they are combined with each other, it is sometimes called a "Shadow Knight".

One Man Rescue[]

During Operation Sand Scythe, it was remotely operated by S.H.B.V.D. pilot Dash Pronger via M.S.B.S. ver. 3.52 using the YZR-540-SH Viper 540 SH as a terminal. It was remarked as having a maximum operational time of 90 seconds.

Shadow 04's immense power was used to brutally wipe out a unit of eight 2nd generation Apharmd VRs from RNA within ten seconds.[1]