Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Wikia

Okay, so I had this crossover idea for quite a long time now, even before I started up this wikia. To be honest, I'm not sure how exactly to go about this one when I write a potential fanfic for this idea. So many things to consider. Plus, I'll have to come up with a good OC or two and do it without god-modding or making the OC as flat and boring as a pancake, and then pick the setting for the Zoids portion of the crossover; New Century, Battle Story, Fuzors?

It's a tough call among others. So, if I am to write a possible Virtual-On/Zoids crossover, I'll have to get the think tank into overdrive and pick the Zoids era that I think would fit best, and to be honest, I'm leaning more towards New Century. Then, for the Virtual-On side of things, I'll have to decide which generation of Virtuaroids to use; 1st, 2nd or 3rd. I might go for 1st generation VRs due to being a 90s kid (and having played on the OMG arcade machine a few times), but I may have to go for something a bit more modern; 3rd gen VRs. But, I might use the idea of 1st generation VRs that are modified for the modern standards that are seen in 3rd gen VRs.

Then, there's the task of having to keeping things in character. And speaking of characters, if I use New Century for the Zoids aspect of the crossover, one could imagine Mary Champ wanting to buy my OCs VR to use as a garden statue or something of the sort. Or a bit more dramatic, remnants of the Backdraft Group seeking to capture the VRs so that they could reverse-engineer them and create their own "humanoid Zoids" to wreak vengeance on the Zoid Battle Commission and anybody who crossed them. Heck, they might even try to discover the secret of reverse-conversion and use it to produce a large army of Zoids to destroy the ZBC and seize control over all sanctioned Zoid battles for their own greedy purposes.

So many possibilities, yet so little time...

Whether or not you think this would be cool, it's not going to be very easy to write a Virtual-On X Zoids crossover fic. One would have to have a solid knowledge of the setting of both Zoids and Virtual-On in order for it to work.