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This blog post showcases the introductory poems of the TA-17 Angelan series of VRs designed by, who else, L'ln Plajiner. PLEASE NOTE, that I DID NOT, write the poems, but the guys who worked on Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Force did. It is possible that L'ln wrote these poems within the lore of the game.


TA-17 L Angelan MH ~Loving Angel~

Fighting and killing each other

Is such a barren waste of effort

There is nothing one can get but sorrow

The foolish act is repeated

And one's soul could be strayed

Choosing the affectionate road

You have such kindliness in you

For that matter I am flattered

TA-17 S Angelan WH ~Healing Angel~

One learnt once upon a time

Watching over at the field of battle

While in a definite form of love

Where nothing can replace

One's wounded heart for now

Bandaged up in order to love again

You have such a warm heart in you

For that matter I am flattered

TA-17 H Angelan SH ~Soothing Angel~

Being caught in anger and hatred

And violently the heart is devastated

But before long love sprouts again

So now we would like to comfort you

You came in as the fruit of despair

For the sake of the light of hope

You have such love to die for in you

For that matter I am flattered