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VOX is a series of Virtuaroids developed at and produced by the 3rd Plant "Adax". It is featured in Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Force and Cyber Troopers Virtual-On MARZ.


The giant plant Adax was aiming to corner the VR market by taking the initiative. They had their sights set on Mars, an abandoned planet, but there is a serious problem. Since the Mars Crystals negatively affect V-Converter activity, sufficient performance could not be attained with the existing second-generation VRs. Because of this, they were pressed by the need to develop a new type of VR that works without problems, even under the influence of the Mars Crystals. The VOX series were the first VRs to be put into practical use as third-generation units. The VOX series inherited the Unit Skeleton System (U.S.S.) technology of the second-generation Vok series that Adax had previously handled, and highlights the line's unparalleled flexibility. With this structural advantage, it derived the most variants among the third generation.

VR listings[]

  • VOX L-43 "Loo"
  • VOX L-48 "Lee"
  • VOX D-101 "Dan"
  • VOX D-102 "Danny"
  • VOX J-500 "Joe"
  • VOX J-504 "Jane"
  • VOX B-240 "Bob"
  • VOX B-242 "Bob 2"
  • VOX A-300 "Age"
  • VOX U-303 "U-ta"
  • VOX M-400 "Mariko"
  • VOX T-400 "Tetsuo"
  • VOX D-101/c "Dan/c"
  • VOX D-102/c "Danny/c"
  • VOX J-500/c "Joe/c"
  • VOX J-504/c "Jane/c"
  • VOX B-240/c "Bob/c"
  • VOX A-300/c "Age/c"
  • VOX U-303/c "U-ta/c"
  • VOX M-400/c "Mariko"
  • VOX T-400/c "Tetsuo/c"
  • VOX D-101 "Dan" Special Force
  • VOX J-500 "Joe" Special Force