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The Vital Bros. is a faction in the lore of the Cyber Troopers Virtual-On series.


The Vital Bros. are an independent brigade of RNA that operate within the Martian Polar Cap Zone. Their motto is "Blood is tears, We are contracts".

In the fourth NKD defense limited war, which is known for the fierce, continuous battle over a period of three months, they took part in 55 battles, and lost 12 of their own VRs. However, they had defeated a total of 183 enemy VRs, 329 armored fighting vehicles, and 32 aircraft over the duration of the massive limited war.

It was confirmed that the Vital Bros. used VRs of the Apharmd J and Apharmd T product lines, along with commander-type machines also having been confirmed.

VRs used[]

  • RVR-20-A Apharmd J typeA
  • RVR-24-C Apharmd J typeC
  • RVR-28-G Apharmd J typeG
  • RVR-36-F Apharmd T typeF
  • RVR-77-B Apharmd T typeB


  • The Vital Bros.' name would also be used for the name of a BGM in A Certain Magical Virtual-On.